Several years ago, when I lived in Nigeria, I was once pulled over in Lagos by a large and very irate traffic cop.  

What colour am I ? he demanded.  

I stammered in embarrassment, and mumbled something like, Black or Dark Brown.  

No I am not,he cried, without a hint of humour.  

When I am like this - and he raised his right palm above his head - I am red.   

And then, waving his palm backwards over his shoulder, he added, and when I am like this I am green.

Do not drive past me again when I am red.

We all have very different personalities.  Or do we ?

Based on work by a Dr Carl Gustav Jung in the 1920s, you will soon see that our personalities can be accurately expressed in just four colours - 
, green, blue and yellow - or combinations of them.  

bulletRed is the colour of the director”, 
bullethe wants to take charge, he's competitive and impatient
bulletGreen is the thinker”, 
bulletmethodical, formal, reflective
bulletBlue is the relator”, 
bulleteasygoing, persevering, modest
bulletYellow is the socialiser”, 
bulletoptimistic, impulsive, emotional, instinctive

behaviourstyles.jpg (69348 bytes)As the diagram on the right tries to show (click to enlarge it), our day-to-day behaviour is a mixture of 

bulletpace (how fast we are) and 
bulletthe balance between getting tasks done and conducting relationships with others.  

The diagram also lists the range of qualities - both “good” and “bad” - associated with each colour.  It shows there is no “right” or “wrong” colour, just different colours reflecting the differences in personalities.  

Our individual colours or colour-combinations roughly determine how we manage the mixture of pace and balance.    

Therefore if you and I know each other's colours, we will have a good idea how each of us manages the mixture.  This will put us in a much better position to understand each other, to communicate and to work together to get the job done.

There is a simple questionnaire, or quiz, to tell you what your own colours are and provide a thumbnail sketch of your personal characteristics that you can print out.  

It's fun, but you will be astonished (and perhaps a little uncomfortable) at how close it is to the truth.  

The quiz was developed so that people would not only learn about their own personalities, but, by wearing a badge containing their colours they would let each other know.  

It's all based on trying to treat people as they need to be treated.  

Now click on the picture below to take the Colour Quiz

behaviourstyles.jpg (69348 bytes)

When the dialogue box comes up, save the file to your hard disk.  It is an exe file that you run by double-clicking on it.  

It'll take a couple of minutes to download as it's 1.1 Mb, 
so be patient - it'll be worth it

(Any problems, just e-mail me at colourquiz-at-tallrite-dot-com)


After you've done the quiz, 
click on this button 
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Thanks Peter Carson

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