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Tallrite .....

... is an independent industrial and oilfield Management consultancy.  It can provide you with the advice and other assistance you need to improve your business even further, in three principal fields (click on them for details) :

bulletGeneral Management Services
bulletSafety Management Services
bulletSupply Chain Optimisation Services

In addition, Tallrite also provides :

bulletRepresentation / Agency Services


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Our Mission

Tallrite's mission is, in a nutshell, to add value to the bottom line of its clients.   Value, or riches, can be measured in dollars saved, revenue increased, injuries avoided or lives saved.  Tallrite believes its existence and usefulness critically depend upon the ability of its clients (and its clients' shareholders) to become richer, in every sense, through using Tallrite's services. 

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Contact Information

From our base in the Republic of Ireland, we operate globally.   You can contact us as follows :

Postal address
Tallrite Inc
9 Killiney Heath, Killiney, Co Dublin, Ireland
Electronic mail
General Information: info@tallrite.com
Sales: sales@tallrite.com
Customer Support: support@tallrite.com
Webmaster: webmaster@tallrite.com

It is Tallrite's policy to respond to every call, fax and e-mail


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