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Managing a company ....  is a tough task

Let Tallrite assist you with General Management advice.   For example,

Tallrite is the ideal independent consultancy for the company which seeks to update or review some or all of its general management systems or practices.  This may be in order : to improve profitability by for instance cutting costs; to deal with ethical dilemmas; to improve staff motivation; to enhance internal communications; to sharpen relations with suppliers or clients; to set new directions etc. 

Areas in which Tallrite can offer specific services and truly independent advice include :


Development of policies and objectives


Development of management systems


Management review and/or troubleshooting


Work flow analysis


Job description and evaluation


Staff assessment and ranking


Performance-related incentives


Contracts Engineering

Capabilities & Methodology

Tallrite has considerable experience at top management levels of industry.  We have been confronted by many of the dilemmas that face businesses in the complex world of the twenty-first century, and have learnt and implemented practices that work and that add to the bottom line. 

Our modus operandi at Tallrite is to visit our client's offices and sit down with the chief executive and/or his management team so as to map out and agree the job in hand and to define objectives and time scales.  We will then prepare a costed proposal for approval of the client.  This will usually involve putting together a small multi-disciplinary team drawn from the client's organization under the leadership of a Tallrite consultant.  The deliverable will be a written report containing findings and proposals, accompanied by a verbal presentation if desired. 

Management is a broad subject.  There are no limits to the nature or scope of managerial challenges that confront modern industry.  Therefore the above list of Tallrite's capabilities should be viewed as a taster rather than an exhaustive list.  If you have a managerial problem, Tallrite can help you find the solution. 

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